Haven’t been in a relationship in about 10 years and people ask me for relationship advice. I should be in Hitch 2. lol

Good news that doesn’t involve me

So my brother, who has put on a few pounds over the years, has finally started to show the effects of his swimming class. He’s gone from being a borderline 3XL into fitting into my XLT shirts. And you can tell because his face is slimming down and his gut doesn’t stretch out his shirts. Happy for the jackass. lol

Heck yes! 1 POUND DOWN!


For the first time since August 25th I finally lost a pound! Look at what a little self love/putting yourself first can do ;)

And that was just cause I cut down portions and juiced! (X imagine when eating 100% and junk food in moderation (x we can’t deprive and a little bit of exercise! I’m unstoppable!

Gotta repair the inside before you can do the outside :)

Great job Vivian!!! 👏👏